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rccardrift with real driving dynamics 1:43

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There is a car, the rccardrift with a new software, in scale 1:43 that imitates the real car. It takes care of the noises that arise when driving, whether you are driving, braking or drifting. Awesome..!!
The small car goes back to the knees when man fully accelerates, in a curve the car behaves exactly like the real car, one is too fast it breaks out or one drifts it around the curve.
With this little runabout, man can ride exciting races even on a desk, so always and everywhere.

Here you can watch the rccardrift 1:43 without obligation.

The control of the RC car drift.

So the rccardrift is controlled with an app for your phone, you use it like a steering wheel to turn. Then there is a control for the acceleration, one for the braking force, handbrake, starter and horn.
It is like simulating a game on a console but in real, so you also get kids back a little bit of the consoles away.

rccardrift 1:43 compared to drift car 1:10

I find that both drift car’s have fun but with the big model, man has to find the right environment. You definitely need a bigger place, parking, Hall, definitely something with a fairly flat floor. The possibility to get permission in a hall so that you can drive even in bad weather, not everyone has. This is a disadvantage of the drift car in 1:10. But these models have a gigantic selection for tuning. You can change everything you can imagine, provided you have the necessary small money. You can create models that look hotter than the fast and the Furious. It’s real madness.

The tuning is unfortunately not so spectacular with the rccardrift 1:43, but driving with this size and the simulation is possible everywhere, you do not need to worry about the track. This is a huge advantage

Here you can go to the same Site in German