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More RC Articles
RC Off-road vehicles.

Yes guys, here I show you some RC articles.
 These cars certainly know everyone who is available in many different scales.
Of models that are too cheap, you can’t expect much, that’s always my problem. I advise against it.
This cheap category is going to break too fast. Are far too slow or the engine is too strong for the model and the first driving mistake has already destroyed something.

A buddy of mine recently bought a new RC model.
He paid 330 euros, but the car is worth the price.
Many metal components are built into the model, but all plastic is cheap.
My buddy doesn’t have much experience with the control, he has tested the model so extremely.
He just drove off without making any adjustments, the car hit constantly and jumped against almost 90 ° curbs.
I was just thinking about the poor car, but it only had scratches. And at a speed of madness. Incredibly.


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So more on the topic buggy or Truggy!


Both are RC SUV, but there are some differences that bring pros and cons. The buggy is slimmer, almost dainty to the Truggy, so also lighter. That makes him a little more alive on the floor. Unfortunately, it is more prone to rough terrain as it flies faster due to its lower travel speed.
There are no big differences in the price of maintenance, i.e. wear and spare parts. Besides the suspension and the tires, which are more expensive when Truggy, these parts are usually much larger.

The Truggy is a mix of monster truck and buggy. Wider chassis, fat tires and chunky body, and a longer journey to catch the heavier weight.
All of this causes it to not tilt so fast and you can drive curves at a higher speed. You could almost say the coarser the terrain, the better for the Truggy.
The rest is left to the taste, because I can no longer help, except that I find the Truggy geiler.

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RC Motorcycles

At the moment I only have pictures. I will also write something about it as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

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RC Speed Boats

RC drones.

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RC planes.

I’m going to write something about all the other RC articles. As soon as possible the time to leave it. Thank you for your understanding.
And thank you for your Intersse.

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