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To my person.

My name is Lübcke Pascal, I’m 43 years old.
I am married and have three children.

Hobby and profession.

I am a professional roofer and a hobby is the first of my family. Do anything to get so many impressions of life.
My hobby RC models share them with me. My new hobby is now affiliate marketing to maybe earn something by the way. So that I can do something with the family more than three times a year.

Affiliate MARKETING Statement

Affiliate Marketing does not cost you anything, I earn solely through commission from the seller. You support me by yourself by reading my pages and buying something via the colored links in the texts. If you should do that, I’d like to thank you in advance.
It also helps me if you just read my pages, but that’s just me, I hope you like my posts.
Email address is

And here you come to my imprint 

or contact in German 

When you want to go to my site than you can click :

here for rccardrift with real drive dynamic

or here for drift car 1:10